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new deviant art thingy

2012-02-13 23:33:39 by LoosePopcorn

So yea i made a deviant art account where i upload all of my sweet pics if you want to check it out.
you can find it here:


2011-12-01 22:37:44 by LoosePopcorn

hey its december.... so wheres the snow...


well, i got my computer back... faster than i thought and i can't complain.

too good to be true...

2011-11-08 22:48:02 by LoosePopcorn

i didn't get a good enough grade so i lost my computer forever (proboblsy a month or so)
you may be wondering how im typing this and you would be right to think that im actually typing on my computer, but its only because for some odd reason it hasen't actually been taken away. hmm. weird.
anyway the only reason im not animating for the time being is because i get way to paranoid when i hear foot steps around the house and flip out thinking they will take my computer away for real (which would be bad) and that would suck even more if i was in the middle of animating.

Free at last

2011-11-06 22:19:34 by LoosePopcorn

After so long i finally finished my make up math class. now i can finally animate again (even though i was doing it anyway for a majority of the time) and i wont feel the least bit guilty of procrastinating!!

Happy Halloween!

2011-10-31 18:17:01 by LoosePopcorn

im stuck doing homework i procrastinated on for halloween but such is the life of an animator i suppose.